Saturday, July 23, 2011

Utah- Week Two

Sick of hearing about our trip yet? Well... too bad. We were in Utah for two and a half weeks so you get one more post of the things we got to do while we were there. The second week, we spent time with family and tried to get together with some of our friends. Unfortunately, we never get to see everyone we want to see (so sad I missed you Em, Ally and Steph, to name a few). Below is a quick (I'm lying, it's about a million pictures so it's not really going to be quick) rundown in pictures:

We hit up the Dinosaur Park with some friends. Thanks for hanging Kaes, Max and Cash!

Noticed half way through the day that I had put two different shoes on Owen. Sorry buddy...

Owen loved this place. Luckily we have been watching The Land Before Time lately so we knew all the scientific names to the dinosaurs like Sharp Tooth and Long Neck.
We BBQ'd with some friends:

Owen really loved what Tyler was cookin up

We were lucky enough to get invited to Em and Trav's for dinner. Yummy!
Owen loved hanging with his cousins
We went to Hogle Zoo, where we got to see even more dinosaurs. Don't be confused, there weren't live dinosaurs at the zoo. Just sculptures of them scattered throughout. Owen was in heaven:

See, couldn't take his eyes off of the big guy.

We did some hiking (honestly, one of my favorite parts of the trip) I really really miss those mountains.
With my bro up Bells Canyon (My all time favorite place to hike)

Then up to Secret Lake (almost) with parents, husband and children and my 83 year old grandpa. Yes people, you read that right... he's 83 and still hiking with us. Go Gramps!!!

I forgot Collette's bonnet so we made a makeshift one with a hankerchief. That's why it's great to have dads around, they carry things like hankerchiefs.

Owen couldn't get enough of the snow. Yep... snow, in July. Which is why we almost got to Secret Lake but not quite, too much snow in our way.

Tyler and Owen flying up the hill (Cute right?)

Maybe my favorite picture of the trip. This is my parents. They are still super in love even after 36 years. 

We had a bday party for my brother Brandon and an early celebration for Tyler's b-day:
We really loved having cousins around

The Birthday Boys

The boys put on a firework show to end the night.

The kids loved it but really they mostly just played under the blanket
We visited Grandparents while we were in town:

 And the rest of the time we just spent hanging at my parents.
It was such a fantastic trip! We miss our Utah peeps already so much! Now it's your turn to come see us!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blessing Day

This post is dedicated to our little lady.

Since we were going to be in Utah and most of our family members were going to be here as well, we decided to bless Collette while we were here. It was such an amazing day. Tyler gave such a beautiful blessing and Collette was a little angel through the whole thing. She has already been such a blessing to our little family. She is a very happy baby, super quick to smile for everyone. Plus she is a great sleeper (which makes mommy super happy). We're so grateful to the family and friends that were there to share this day with us. Warning: Lots of pictures to follow. I want Collette to know everyone that was there for her special day.

The Travis Rhodes Family
Derek and Lindy

My amazing mamma

The Cushing Grandparents
The Whitesides Grandparents

Collette and Grandma Rhodes

She couldn't get enough of her Grandpa

The whole Cushing family

The Rhodes' Family minus a couple
Yay for our good friends, the Christensen's who were there to support us.

And for my best friend Wendy who happened to be in town at the perfect time.
Typical family shot right now. Tyler and I posing while Owen tried his hardest not to look at the camera.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Utah- Part Uno

Well we made it to Utah and only had to change each child's clothing once while flying. Collette puked all over both of us on the first flight and Owen's diaper leaked because of all of the apple juice Tyler and I were forcing him to drink so that his ears wouldn't bother him. All in all a very successful flight over.

We've been having a blast since we've been here. Spent the 4th with family and friends doing all of the things that a typical fourth of July holiday calls for.
BBQ/Pool Party:

Tyler got in a huge water war with all of the nephews. See him in the right hand side of this picture just enjoying every second of this game? He was actually winning at this point but once they retaliated and wouldn't give up, the game tragically ended with Tyler faking his death off the diving board.

Fireworks with friends:

I think giving your two year old child a sparkler might be one of the scariest experiences there is. He almost lit his hair on fire a few hundred times.
Owen really loved the fireworks for about the first five minutes and then entertained himself by playing hide and seek under the blanket the rest of the night.

Collette on the other hand, couldn't get enough, she sat in Tyler's lap with her ears covered just staring up to the sky. She was for sure a fan.

The rest of the week was spent with Tyler's family. Almost everyone was able to meet up in Utah to spend the week together (we missed you Todd and Carrie!).
While the Rhodes' fam was here we spent some time at the park:

And at This is the place Heritage Park. Let me just say, this really is the place, especially for kids. Owen couldn't get enough of the Pony Rides:

the Petting Zoo:

or the Trains... yes people, multiple trains for the kids to ride:

Can you see me in this picture? Seriously, what was I thinking here? I don't remember loving this ride more than Owen did but I guess I was. Pictures don't lie.
We also had a Rhodes Family Reunion
 Where we spent time with Owen and Collette's great grandma
And tried our feet at this activity. Darcy was super good at it...
 So was Owen
I, on the other hand... 
was really really bad at it. Guess I need to work on my balance.
Owen spent some time petting a random a dog that wandered over 
And Tyler enjoyed the time with his parents (Isn't he handsome?)

We also took a dip in the pool, which I don't have any pics of because for some reason my phone isn't sending pictures at the moment and I didn't take any with a  regular camera.

I personally think the best part though was just the time spent hanging together, watching movies and chatting it up:
Wish we could see them more often. Owen loved being with his cousins and couldn't get enough of Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes.

There was still much more fun to be had but let's not overload this post with too much Utah goodness. Stay tuned...