Friday, May 21, 2010

A lot of spit and a little bit of air can produce this sound...

I'm his mom so of course I'm going to say this but really... isn't this one of the cutest things you've ever seen?You're probably going to think when this video begins that it's going to show Owen playing an actual song, like he's a child prodigy or something. He's not, he's just really cute when he plays so I figured I'd post it. I mean who wouldn't want to see a really cute kid walking around playing a harmonica and dancing? Even if you don't, I know I'll want to look back on it and watch him doing it, you know, because he's my son and all. So for the sake of this online journal I'm keeping, even if you're not interested, here is Owen playing a harmonica.
Let me apologize in advance for two things... one: my voice when I talk to Owen. I know it's super high pitched and a little annoying but it's how I talk to babies. I can't help it. Two: Please excuse the mess. We'd been playing in the toybox and what can I say... it gets messy.

Oh... one other thing that is super funny to me... Instead of carrying around a security blanket, lately Owen has been carrying around a security spatula. First thing in the morning he wants to go to the kitchen to pick out a spatula or two or three and carry them around with him everywhere. This particular picture we were in the car and he had carried it out there with him. I love it. So funny.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love this lady...

So I know Mother's Day was over a week ago and I had every intention of writing a blog post about my amazing mom but never sat down to do it. So like the old saying goes "better late than never" right?

She is the one on the far right. Isn't she gorgeous? I mean really... isn't she?

Ok, besides being gorgeous my mom is so many things. I thought I'd list a few of my favorite things about her and hopefully she'll visit this blog soon since I don't tell her these things enough in person. Why is it always easier to write things like this down than say them?

• She is my best friend. She has been since I was a little girl. You know how most girls around the age of twelve start to not want to hang with their mom's, how they don't want to talk to them about anything? That was never me. I always talked to my mom about everything and I would rather hang with her than my friends any day.

• She is the most selfless woman ever. She is always thinking about others before herself. For example... when Derek, my younger brother was in high school, my mom would have hot pockets in the fridge for his friends because she knew they loved them. They weren't even her children but she wanted them to know she cared about them. There are a million other examples of her selflessness but that's one of my favorites.

• She's always up for anything. When we were little, if we wanted to to play in the mud or find snakes she was right there with us and then when we got older and wanted to go toiler papering with our friends she would come along and teach us how to throw the roll the best way. Whose mom does that? Mine! I love her.

• She gets along with everyone and is so super friendly. Without a doubt if you are somewhere in public with my mom she will run into someone she knows. Even if she has only met someone once if she ever happens to see them again she will run right up and say hi to them. I love this about her.

• She is an amazing Grandma. She would do anything for any one of her grandkids (see item number 2 on my list). She makes sure we skype often so we can see Owen and his new little developments and she always sings to him when we're on there. He loves it.

• She loves holidays more than anyone I've ever met. I mean she really really loves holidays. On birthdays she makes such a big deal about them to make sure you feel like you are most special person that was ever born. On every other holiday she always puts together some fun activity for the grandkids, games, treats and all. Oh and in December she always wears this super crazy Christmas sweaters. My personal fav is one she owned that had a Christmas tree with actual christmas lights that lit up on it. Hilarious.

• She is super creative. Ever since answering machines came out (I realize it's now called voicemail) she has made up answering messages to fit the seasons. They are always way funny whether she really means for them to be or not. She'll do these scary voices for Halloween and make up songs for Christmas. It's fantastic.

• She is the eternal optimist. Nothing ever gets her down or if something does, you would never ever know it. She always has a smile on her face.

• Oh, I mentioned this one up top but again, she is beautiful and she doesn't even realize it. She is super humble about it. Once I got into a four car accident in my parent's car when my mom was with me. I ran a red light and three cars hit us. It was horrible but I didn't even get a ticket because the police officers and firemen were too busy flirting with my mom to give me one. When I brought this up to her she was completley clueless to that fact. She was like "oh Britt, no way, they were just nice guys". Cute... and a little naive. Love her.
She is going to hate me for posting that picture. We had been camping for a week so neither of us are looking our most put together but I still love the pic.

Ok... so there are about a million other things I could list here but these are just a few of my favorites. I love this lady!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


When I was in 3rd grade I was riding my bike home from school  when out of the blue Josh Hoffman ran up to me and pushed me off of my bike. While pushing me off, he yelled "This is a side walk, not a side ride!" I of course laid on the ground and cried while Gary Norman yelled at Josh for doing such a thing. I was devastated! I loved me bike. I wasn't crying because I was really hurt, I was crying because my bike might have gotten hurt.

My brother's and I had all gotten bikes that year for Christmas. We all thought there was nothing better than watching RAD on a Friday night and then spending Saturday at the bike track riding our BMX's around (ok, so my brother's had a predator and a black diamond, not BMX's) but mine was a BMX. It was purple and it was perfect. I loved riding it to and from school every day. I loved the wind in my hair and how much faster you could get to school on wheels than you could walking. Have I ever mentioned that I always wanted trampoline walk-ways to get to school? I thought that:
1. It would get you to school a lot quicker and
2. It would make kids love going to school, because who wouldn't want to bounce their way there?

Anyway, sorry... totally off subject. Back to Josh Hoffman... luckily, even though I was devestated that day, I knew that I could continue to ride my bike to school each day because either Gary Norman (thanks Gary!) or one of my brother's would have my back when Josh tried to bully me into only walking on the sidewalk. I don't know what happened after elementary school but somehow my brother's and I grew out of our RAD phase and didn't spend as much time at the bike track.

Fast forward 22 years or so and I've become a biker again! YAY! Ok, so not a real biker that wears spandex and actually get a great workout doing it. I've become more of what you'd call a "cruiser". Two weeks ago Tyler and I decided to jump on craigslist and find ourselves some beach cruisers. We drove fifteen or so miles to the North to a crazy guy's house to check out his collection. I'm not making up that he was crazy... he had a Delorian (yes, from Back to the Future),  naked manequins and Jon Deer tractors in his backyard and he told Tyler and I that a bunch of people on craigslist have been spreading rumors that he is a drug dealer and that he's murdered someone. We agreed when we left that we believed the rumors.

Anyway, we walked in to his backyard and right away I saw the perfect bike sitting there waiting for me. It was like the BMX had been reincarnated into a beach cruiser. Right down to the purple paint. Tyler didn't have as much luck at the crazy guy's house but he found a great bike later that day at an undisclosed location (I'm not about to admit that we purchased something from Walmart... I'm sorry Derek!).

We strapped a bike seat onto the back of my bike for Owen and we were on our way to our first fun filled family bike ride. Well, at least what we thought would be a fun filled bike ride. That lasted for about two seconds until we tried to put the helmet on Owen. He screamed all the way down the street until he figured out how to get his helmet off. For the next five minutes I tried to hold his head still while Tyler tried to put the helmet back on with him screaming the whole time. Super fun right?

Luckily over the course of the last couple of weeks, he's come to realize that putting on the helmet means he gets to go outside. Needless to say, he's formed a great relationship with that helmet now. Anything to get us outside. Doesn't he look so cute in that helmet? I mean really...

We tried to take some family photos of us on the bikes and this was the best we got... hmmmm... we may need some lessons on photography when biking.

Poor Owen... no wonder he hates the helmet. It's covering his sweet little face.

P.S. Josh Hoffman didn't grow up to be a bully... He turned out to be a super nice guy who according to facebook is very happily married. I guess Gary Norman shaped him right up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Todd and Carrie Rhodes Family

Don't you just love them? Those of you who know them do, I'm sure of it. Those if you who don't, you would if you knew them. Anyway... they came and spent some time in South Florida with us this past week and it was fantastic. As you can see below, Owen loves them. He misses them immensely.

Last week Todd had a business trip in Orlando and Tyler had to go up to Orlando last week to visit the Del Sol store so Carrie tagged along with Todd and Owen and I tagged along with Tyler so we could all spend some quality time together.
While the men worked, Carrie, Owen and I pretty much stuck around the hotel, played in the pool, went shopping and ate way too much (story of my life)... seriously why do I love food so much?
Oh and took Owen on his first boat ride. He loved it and wasn't bothered at all by the life jacket, at least for the first five minutes but then he pretty much freaked out. Luckily he fell to sleep pretty soon after we left the dock.

Saturday we came back to Ft. Lauderdale so they could hang with us here for a few days. We pretty much spent every minute at the beach. Carrie kept saying that while they were here, they needed to take advantage of the beach so we totally did. We went down to the beach on Saturday night and grilled up some food and played in the water a bit.
On Sunday we went to church and then went down to Hollywood beach and walked along the boardwalk and Monday we spent hours just laying in the sand. Since Tyler was home working, Todd was honorary dad for the day. Owen couldn't get enough of digging in the sand with him. (Thanks Uncle Todd!)
Have I said that I love my life right now? Because I really really do. Anyway, that night, we headed out on the water taxi and checked out some of the houses and yachts around here. There are some amazing yachts and houses, our water taxi guide told us one of the yachts was Brad Pitt's. We believed him for about two seconds before we noticed a giant British flag flying high on the one end of the boat. Brad Pitt's not British right?
On Tuesday we went to Shark Valley... I was so bummed because when my mom was here, we saw so many alligators, turtles and birds just out and about enjoying the day but when we took Todd and Carrie there, because of the heat, the animals loved the water. We only saw a few alligators and they were all water bound but this guy came out to say hi...
Hello Turtle.
 It was still great. We got some exercise on the bikes, which was needed. You can't see Owen because he's riding on the back of my bike. If you look closely though, you can see his little legs below the bike seat.
That night we decided to head down to South Beach and get some dinner (shocker right? another beach scene? We really couldn't get enough).
Wednesday Carrie and Todd were heading out so we didn't have time for the beach, otherwise I'm sure we would have found our way down there. Instead the boys headed over to Bass Pro Shop for lunch while Carrie and I spent some time at Sephora... We love that place.
Once we got home, it was time to say goodbye. I was so bummed... I hate when people have to leave. Why can't every one of our friends and family just move down here? Then we could hang at the beach all day every day. Do you think we would ever get sick of it? I know I wouldn't...