Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Livin' it up in the SLC

After our super awesome Christmas down in St. George, we headed to Salt Lake for a visit. It's always so nice to go home and hang out but it's also super busy. It seems like there are always a million fun family things and so many friends we'd like to see while we are there. Unfortunately, we never get to see everyone we want to but we tried to fit as much in as we could while we were there. Some of the happenings...

My mom did her annual Christmas party for the kids. She is sweet and waited for Owen to be in attendance. It was great to have Christmas last just a bit longer.
There were crafts:

 And games:

 And singing:
 And cute babies:
And a giant slumber party in grandma and gramdpa's room that I didn't get a picture of.
Owen was in heaven with his cousins. Not only these cousins, but also THESE cousins.
We were super excited to welcome the newest member of the Rhodes' clan.
This is Oliver, being held by his beautiful mother Carrie.

Todd and Carrie have been waiting for this guy for a very long time. He finally made his appearance in December. Part of the reason we were staying in Salt Lake until January was because Carrie was due to have this little man on January 6th and we didn't want to miss meeting him.  He decided he wanted out early, the beginning of December, while his dad was in Syngapore. All worked out well though and we were so happy to have some extra time to get to know him.
Since his arrival was long awaited, everyone was anxious to meet him, so Tyler's other brother and his family made the trip to come from Idaho, where they spent Christmas, just to spend the day with little Ollie, so we were fortunate enough to hang out with them as well.

Tyler loved spending some quality time with his siblings:
While Owen could not get enough of Cosby reruns:
Seriously, can you see the joy on this kids face? Oh Bill Cosby. We love you.

We were also able to see a few friends while we were in town.
This is New Years, when you have children. People show up around six for food:
Then while the adults try to play games or talk:
the kids run around like maniacs.
Then everyone leaves by 11:00 to miss the traffic.
While Tyler was ringing in the new year with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark, I was falling asleep in the other room. I feel ok about it though because I've always felt like the best part of New Years is actual New Years day when you wake up to a shoe filled with one last gift from Santa. This is a family tradition I brought to the marraige and I love it.
 Owen and Collette liked that part too.

Other happenings:
More family:

More friends:
Quick side note about this picture. I'd like everyone to take a quick look at our friend Greg's beard. Isn't it the most impressive one you've ever seen? For reals though. This man really knows how to grow his facial hair.

P.S. We missed you Ty! You have to be there next year!

And finally, some SNOW! YAY! So many pictures but I couldn't help it. There is almost nothing cuter than kids playing in the snow.

 My cute Aunt Joe took us around her mountain and showed us such a good time. Thanks Joe!

 We had such a blast in Utah and are totally missing our friends and family. But I'll be honest, I'm not so sad about coming back to the sun and the beach. 
Now we just need those friends and family to come to us. Serious guys. Come see us. Soon.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sorry you're still having to read about Christmas. Do people hate that? One month later still reading about Christmas? Too bad... Christmas deserves being posted about.

We spent our Christmas holiday in St. George with Ty's parents and sister this year. It was such a blast! Tyler's mom is a way fun Grandma and had "themed days" throughout our visit.

There was Car Day:
Cars and car carpet and riding a big wheele (his car) to the park:

Dinosaur Day:
Dinosaur books and every type of dinosaur toy available in St. George.

Creative Day:
White board and play dough and a ton of other things creative:

Pretend Day:
Reading the story about the gingerbread man and then making them.
Also, Ty's mom kept all of their dress up clothes from when they were young. So fun, especially when you have a two year old wearing clown pajamas and a seven month old daughter you can put wigs on.

Seriously though, isn't she the cutest little lady ever?

Music Day:
Full of musical instruments and Tyler playing the recorder while Collette played in a basket. She loved this. Loved it.

We also spent time at the movies, shopping and lunch with the girls (so fun), hiking, and time at the park. Where I think Tyler and I had as much fun as Owen did. This park is seriously amazing.

Christmas Eve was so great.We had the most amazing dinner of tri-tip steak (not to brag or anything but Tyler makes the BEST tri-tip steak EVER- for reals people).


We had some unexpected guests at the last minute, a super nice older couple. During our nice quiet dinner conversation, there was a lull in conversation. Of course during the silence Owen yelled as loud as he could, "POO POO, DOGGY POO POO!". You may wonder why or where that came from. Great question. If you figure it out, could you let us know? Owen has just started saying it and laughing super hard. He has also taken to singing every song he knows and substituting the words bum into it. Like Jingle Bells, it's now Jungle Bum. Why does my two year old think this is hilarious?

Next we read and acted out the story of Jesus birth.
Honestly though, isn't this the cutest shephard boy you've ever seen?

Then opened the Christmas Eve pajamas.

Christmas was so fanstastic. We woke up and Owen went to town on his gifts.


Church was next and was so nice. I think I love having Christmas on a Sunday. When we got back, we had a big breakfast and returned to the openeing of presents.

Ty was amazing and got me waterskis (YAY!) and a Nordstrom GC. I guess when your husband sees you wearing holey shorts, the same shirts day and after day and nothing but Old Navy $3.00 flip flops for months, he is influenced into the fantsastic gift of shopping. Thanks baby!

Yes, this is what I look like in the morning. I'm not ashamed that I have bed head, no makeup and super soft comfy pajamas.

Tyler's favorite Christmas gift were his Billy Bob teeth. And why wouldn't they be? I love these boys.

Thanks Rhodes parents for an amazing trip!