Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I really don't want this title to confuse you. In August, we were in Starvation mode. Not the place that makes your belly hurt from being empty. I'm talking about this place:
Isn't it beautiful? That isn't us fishing, we don't really do that when we go there but I thought it was still a fantastic photo (thanks Mom for taking it!)
Every year my family takes a camping trip to Starvation Reservoir. We go for four or five days (never long enough) and spend the time waterskiing, eating a lot, swimming, playing games, wakeboarding and more waterskiing. The last few years, because we live across the country we haven't gone with my family but this year we decided to take advantage of our free flights and meet up with the family to go camping.
Tyler was in Puerto Rico for work for a week so the kids and I decided to head to Utah on a Thursday and that Tyler would meet up with us on Saturday. Up until this point flying standby had worked out pretty well for us. This week, our luck changed. I won't go into detail because you may get bored but I'll tell you this... it took me and the kids 36 HOURS and FIVE AIRPORTS to get to Utah. Not ideal with a one year old and a three year old. It wasn't even my kids having a melt down though... by the 34th hour, I was the one crying in the airport while my children slept soundly. Finally at that point, a delta customer service lady took pity on  and got us on a flight. YAY!
We got there Friday afternoon and hit up a bees game with all of my siblings and kids:

Tyler got to Salt Lake on Saturday afternoon (of course he got on both flights without a hitch) and we spent the rest of the weekend just getting ready for camping.
The next week was spent doing this:
Waterskiing. I could do this every day of my life and never get sick of it. So fun.
 This is Tyler dutch over cooking his own birthday cake (sorry baby but great work!) Dutch oven cooking=Yummmy
 My mom had all of the kids paint shirts and Kate made one for Collette. So cute.
 Owen got some help with his shirt as well (although he never gives credit where credit is due. If you ask who made it, it was all him (sorry Lindy)).
 The view from camp. There is almost nothing better in this world to me than boating.
 and there is almost nothing better in this world to Owen than playing in the mud.

 I love this guy.
 oh and this face. I really love this face too.
and let's not forget about this one...
 So fun to be able to hang out with this lady for a week straight. I really can't get enough of my mom. She's amazing.
 Oh man, and these kids. Could they be any cuter? I think not.
 Such a daddy's girl.

 Owen and Tyler spent most of their time at the lake doing this. Owen still talks about driving the boat and crashing the waves.
 These two were best buds the whole trip. Don't you love his crazy hair? It's always always like that. So fun.
 These kiddos too. Best buds. Owen LOVES his cousins.
We also did some hiking, wakeboarding, played cards, ate A LOT and did some more waterskiing.
It was such a blast but like I said before, not long enough.
We decided to stay in Utah until that weekend since we were already there and my 36 HOUR trip was still fresh on the brain.
Tyler's parents came up from St. George so we could get some quality time with the Rhodes. I have no idea where my camera was and I'm so sad that I got NO pictures with them. WHY???
Anyway, we had a fantastic dinner at Carrie and Todd's place. Something to know about the Rhodes family, they are amazing with food. The men can grill like you can't believe and the women really know how to cook. One of the many reasons I am grateful I married into this family. So we spent the evening having great food and fantastic conversation. I love those people.

Also, since we were staying a few extra days, I needed to do some hiking because how could you not when you are so close to those gorgeous mountains.
We took a little hike with my mom to Battle Creek Falls one afternoon...
 This is my mom dancing with Owen at the waterfall. Could there be a grandma that's more fun?
Mmmmm... pretty. We don't get this is South Florida.
 We also took a hike up to Scout Falls with my mom, Sarah and her kids

Such a blast. The trip was totally worth a 36 HOUR trip from the sweltering heat of Florida to get me some cool mountain air. Unfortunately, the time came when we did need to get home.
Now all our Utah people just needs to leave the cool fall weather to join us at the beach. Who's in?