Sunday, July 15, 2012

June by way of other people's cameras

Remember how I lost our camera in Utah? It never turned up anywhere, which is super unfortunate but something that is fortunate is that other people took a few pics while we were in Utah so here is the rest of June through other people's eyes.

We hiked

We swam:

 Side note to Tyanna: This was the best shot of the can opener that I could get. Luckily that night I was using my mom's camera.

We spent time with family:

We celebrated birthdays (mine and Lindy's)

 Mine twice! YAY! I love birthdays!

More time with family:

Did some arm wrestling. (Dan is still undefeated, has been for as long as I've been his daughter. I feel like I could really say to someone "My dad is stronger than your dad" and it would be true.)

Saw a few friends (unfortunately, very few)

Owen had his first trip the the dentist:
 And loved it! Cross your fingers for us that he gets Tyler' teeth genes, not mine.

The day after we arrived in Utah we received some really sad news about Tyler's uncle. He had found out three months prior that he had cancer and passed away while we were there. It was such a sad thing but because of it, we were able to get together with Tyler' whole family for a week.
Which was great. We are hardly ever all in the same place at once. Since we were, we took the chance to get some family pics.

Also while we were in Utah, I was able to run the Wasatch Back with my sister-in-law and some of her friends. We had three other girls in their 30's in the van and one guy in his early 20's who was a newlywed. I felt so bad for this poor kid who had to listen to a bunch of ladies talk about breastfeeding and raising children for two days straight. He was such a great sport though, even thanked us for all of the insight at the end of it.

Also, you may or may not be able to tell that my right eye is swollen in a few of these pictures. While we were in Utah, I also got Pink Eye. I wouldn't recommend it.

On a completely unrelated topic, while I'm blogging right now, we have Taboo on the TV and the man on the show collects weird artifacts, including... get ready for this people... Celebrity Poo. Why? What's worse is that isn't even the worst thing he has collected. Gross.

On that note... The end.