Friday, September 27, 2013


Tyler and I came back from Florida all by our lonesome. We left our kids in the care of my saintly sister-in-law (Em, you are really really amazing) and brother and then my parents so that we could come back and run the Ragnar Relay with some of our friends. Besides losing my wallet on the flight back home (including $500 in cash), and crying for the first 24 hours because I left my kids in another state, across the country, it was AMAZING! The race was such a blast. It was Tyler's first ever race and he loved it which made me so excited. I don't ever want to do another race without this sexy man doing it with me. It was really such a fantastic weekend:

You may be wondering how we got our children back... my parents had booked a cruise that left out of Fort Lauderdale  that was leaving the Tuesday after we left our babies in Utah so my parents flew out with our kids (you guys are the best ever for flying with two babies!) and brought them home to us the Monday after the race. When they got back from their cruise, they came and stayed with us for the weekend, along with their best friends (also my second parents growing up). It was so much fun to have them here with us for a few days. They got in Friday morning so we picked them up, grabbed some lunch and took a walk down the Riverwalk. We also took the boat out and cruised the canals, ate yummy food and spent some time at one of our favorite local parks.

The next day it was time for them to get home. :( We hate to see parents leave us but are so grateful we got them here with us for a bit. 1

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Disney Cruise

Wow, it's really been forever. I know I'm going to be so mad at myself in future years when I'm looking back and I realize I missed about seven months of our life in Florida. Why do I let my blog go for so long? I swear Instagram has ruined me.
Anyway, since moving to Florida, Tyler and I have talked about going on a Disney Cruise and a few months ago, Tyler found a great deal for Florida residents for a five night cruise so we committed. We went in March and we're so happy we did. We had such an amazing time! I always wonder if cruising is the best way to go because Tyler and I both prefer to go somewhere, stay a while and get to know the local stuff, culture, etc. But I'll tell you what, with kids, and as a mom, a cruise is the easiest way to go. so many things to do, always snacks for the kids to eat and someone else planning entertainment for your kids. Not too shabby.
We got on the ship and couldn't wait to get the party started Even baby came along and was so pumped about was  about to happen.

That night we just checked out the ship, played at the kids club, ate some food (we did that A LOT) and watched a movie on deck.

The next day was our six year anniversary (YAY for us!) and St. Patty's day. We swam our day away and then dropped the kids off at the kids clubs that night so Tyler and I could have a couple hours to ourselves for a nice dinner. It was so fantastic. I really really love this man.

After dinner, we picked up the kids and took them to a show. I wondered how the kids would do watching a play but they adored it.
The next day we  went to Cozumel. We were excited that it was one of our stops because we got to see a couple of friends, stop by Del Sol and since Tyler lived there for so long, he knew where to find the good beaches.
Seriously though, can you believe how clear this water is or can you even tell? Either way, it was so clear.
We spent the entire day burying each other, digging holes and playing in the water. It was so fantastic.
 That night, it was Pirate night on the ship.
Is there anything cuter than these two in pirate clothes? Seriously though, I can't get enough.
They did a pirate themed dinner and we saw Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow. We were also able to stand in line for 45 minutes (so fun right?) to meet Peter Pan, which the kids were so pumped about that it sort of made the long wait time worth it.
We decided to go to see Toy Story the muscial that night. Disney really puts on the best shows. We loved it!
Tuesday was a sea day and we had planned on laying by the pool all day but nature had other plans and it rained all day. It was great though, we were able to relax, spent time eating way more food than we should have, went to see Oz the Great and Powerful took long naps and then that night, saw a few characters. Owen only wanted to see Cinderella so he could ask her if she brought Gus Gus and the other mice with her. When he found out she hadn't, he was out of there. Collette on the other hand, was in love.

And then that night, we went to see another Disney show that was amazing until Collette choked on popcorn and threw up everywhere. Awesome when stuff like that happens huh?
The next day was by far my favorite day. We spent it at the disney private island, biking, meeting characters, snorkeling, trying to catch fish, and playing on water slides.

That was our last night on the ship and since we played so hard during the day, we just packed and took it easy.
We wish we could have stayed for another week but alas, all vacations have to come to an end...
Goodbye Disney Ship!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our life in Pictures

Hello there blog, long time no see... for reals though people, it's been a while right? Well we've been up to a bunch of stuff, you know with the holidays and all and it's much too overwhelming to have to try and post about all of it in seperate posts and come up with things to say about each one that  won't bore the three readers I have to death (thanks for still reading Ty and Jos... ok, maybe two readers). So, I'm going to do this the easy way and just post a million pictures for each month...
Ready? Go time.

We went camping! It's perfect weather for camping November-March so we wanted to take advantage! Camping makes me very happy.


My life as a baggage lady ended. I was sad.
Then was Thanksgiving. We started the day with our first annual 10K turkey trot and ended the day with a lot of food! That made me happy! Even though I didn't get one picture of the food.

We headed to Siesta Key for the weekend with friends. It was gorgeous and this made me very happy.

Then we realized that my flight benefits didn't end until mid Decemeber and decided to fly to Puerto Rico for the week.  Maybe I want to live there someday. Puerto Rico has real hiking AND the beach.  This made me very very happy. Dream come true.  


We did some Christmas stuff with friends. Including crafts, the mall activity, shopping, and we hosted a white elephant party where we had a visit from Santa.

And a Christmas boat parade that was amazing. Have I mentioned that I LOVE where we live? This makes me happy!  

Next was Utah for Christmas. This also made me super duper happy. How fun is Christmas when you have kids? I'll answer that  for you... it is so fun. These pics are from before, after and during Christmas. Family, snow, food, and all other things that make me very very happy.

Yummm, look at all of that Christmas candy. This = happy. 


 Traditional Cushing Christmas breakfast.

Except sometimes you feel bad when your child opens the main gift that Santa brought him and he starts crying because it wasn't the gift he wanted. This made me sad.

But the next gift he got was what he really wanted. This made me very happy.

Phew... there you have it all caught up, except January, which I'm sure I'll be right on top of.