Friday, June 24, 2011

Something That Irks Me

There are not many things that bother me but this is one thing I don't understand. How hard is it to take your shopping cart back into the store or to one of the cart return centers in the parking lot? Once at Albertsons, I backed up and someone had left a cart right behind my car, in my blind spot. It dented my bumper. I didn't like it.
Anyway, tonight at the Costco, I saw this:
 and this:
Do you see how close the carts are to the cart return places? Seriously people... take ten extra steps. If I can do it with two kids in tow, you can do it as well.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Synthetic Love and Other Randomness

So Tyler and I were watching TV last night and stumbled upon this. This man has a synthetic doll that he really believes he is married to. He talks about how they support each other, love each other, have great conversations with each other, etc. It's like Lars and the Real Girl on crack. One of the craziest things about this was that a psychologist came in to talk to him and left saying that he isn't crazy as long as he is happy. Wait, no, I take that back,  the craziest thing was when the man decided to order a second synthetic doll and was asking his "wife" for permission. Or maybe the strangest part was that even after he saw himself on the show, instead of realizing he was crazy he says it's just a matter of time before everyone is finding love with a synthetic doll. I really hope that's not the case, but then again maybe the writer of Mannequin was on to something all those years ago.

Also on that episode was a lady who would eat this:

She would eat it ten times a day and had been for thirty years. It makes me sick just thinking about it. She had rotted her whole mouth by doing it and caused $20,000 worth of damage. Can you even imagine?
Changing subjects... do you watch Modern Family?  We do and we love it.  The other day I was reading an article about this lady:
 Sofia Vergara Wants to Look Like Betty White
And it said that she is a natural blonde! Can you believe it? She doesn't look like it right? Well, I couldn't help but google a pic (I actually asked Tyler to since he was the one on the computer) and look what he found:
Gorgeous right?
Something you may not know about me is that I thought I was a natural blonde until I was 21. See:

Let's not talk about the jean jacket or the frumpy sweater. I think we should just ignore both.
At that point, my good friend Josh told me he thought I should go my natural color just to see what it was. I thought it was a good idea since I hadn't seen my natural hair color since I was 12 years old so I promptly called my hair dresser for an appointment.  I was shocked when I came out a brunette. I had no idea. Now every time I go to get my hair done and ask Tyler if I should try something different, he jokes that I should go blonde. Yesterday when he saw this picture, he mentioned it again. He doesn't realize that just  going blonde won't make me look like Sofia Vergara. More likely, I will just look like a really fake blonde.
Speaking of hair, I did this to my son this week:
I didn't realize that cutting the sideburns would make him look like he had a bowl cut. Too bad it isn't 1985, I think it was somewhat popular then, but what do I know, all of my brothers had mullets through the 80's.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I guess he gets it...

Since having this baby girl:

I keep getting questions like "does Owen like her?", "How is Owen handling things?" and "Do you think he gets that she is part of your family and is here to stay?"
As I stated in a post a little while ago, I was super nervous about how having Collette would affect Owen and I'm happy to say that he really loves her. Some proof:

That picture was taken a couple of days ago when Tyler had put her on the changing table. He walked out of the room for a minute and Collette wasn't very happy about it. That's Owen trying to give her a binkie to help make her happy. He also sings happy birthday to her when she cries. I guess he feels like that's a song that would make anyone stop crying. One more thing he does is say over and over "No cry baby, it's ok". Cutest thing ever to hear him say that. We also see this a lot:

See... loves her.
To be honest, I was never sure how to answer the last question, the one about him getting that she is part of our family and is going to stick around until this morning. I had a meeting at the church and took the kiddos with me. At one point we had to change rooms and one of the men that was there offered to carry Collette into the other room for me and I quickly took him up on that offer. As he was walking out of the room with the car seat and baby, Owen starts freaking out and yelling over and over "My baby! Man holding baby! Mommy, my baby!" It took a while to calm him down and get him to understand that the nice man was going to the same place we were and was not trying to kidnap our baby girl. So there is your answer folks... I guess Owen does get it and now I can rest assure that if anyone ever did try to take her, Owen would let me and everyone around us know about it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Weekend

When you have a baby that isn't even two weeks old and there is a holiday like Memorial Day, you wonder if you'll really be able to have an enjoyable weekend, doing holiday things or if you'll be stressed, tired and just busy trying to take care of two chidren. We decided to make weekend plans and hope that Collette would cooperate for all the fun we had ahead of us. Guess what... she did! The weekend was fantastic. We started it off with a little dinner at Pei Wei with my mom and some friends:
This was Kikimac (Owen's name for our friend Caitlin and her son Max) first experience with Pei Wei. I think it was a success.
The John's were there to enjoy it as well.
Jeff REALLY enjoyed the amazing soda fountain that Pei Wei had to offer. I'm sure it will keep him going back again and again.
Saturday was more quality time spent with the Mulcock's. This time at their pool.

 Tony, Amber, Aldo and CJ were also there.

Owen had such a blast swimming with Tyler.

 Collette loved it too. She thought sitting poolside was super relaxing.

Sunday we decided to have a "mango madness" night. Our friends The Johns have a mango tree and gave us permission to go pick some of the mangos and do what we wanted with them. What did we want? Mango cobbler! Yummy! Tyler made two different kinds of cobbler to try out and we made some homemade ice cream to go with.

This is one of Owen's best buddies... Max. As you can see, they adore each other:

Monday we got up and headed to the beach. I'll be honest, I was a litte nervous about how Collette would handle the sun, sand, wind, etc. Luckily, Jeff and Caitlin had us covered, they let us borrow their shade shack to keep her happy. It worked like a charm. I think she was born a beach bum.

Since Collette did so well at the beach, we decided to try our luck out on the boat later in the afternoon and guess what? She loved that as well. I guess she was born for Florida life.
So comfy right?
Isn't he handsome? And he's really good at driving a boat.
Don't judge us for having Owen wear a life jacket that was too big. We only had one kids jacket with us and we had to let this guy wear it:

We really love these people... can you tell? We spent a whole weekend with them and never got sick of it. They're leaving us in October and we're super sad about it. Please Mulcock's DON'T GO!!!