Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 I am always excited for St. Patrick's Day, you know because it's my anniversary and all but this year I was SUPER excited for it because it's my anniversary AND Owen is at the best age for holidays. He is totally starting to get it. When we woke up this year, we went on a little hunt for treasure.

If you're wondering, yes, Owen is wearing winter pajamas when it is 85 degrees outside. This kid loves his footie pajamas.

I made Tyler go on the hunt with him. I don't know if he was super happy about it but he's always a good sport about this kind of stuff. Owen loved finding the clues and Tyler loved that when they got to the treasure, his anniversary gift was in it.

After the treasure hunt was some green eggs and green smoothies for breakfast. Yummm, I really love spinach smoothies. Oh and Owen couldn't resist also eating some of his green candy for breakfast. I'm a horrible mother and let him do it. It was a holiday, you can't say no to eating candy on a holiday.

Later that day we went to the beach for a St. Patrick's Day bbq. Our camera ran out of battery after I took one pic so this is what you get.
Since St. Patrick's Day is also our anniversary (it's been five years people and we're still going strong. YAY for marraige!), Tyler and I decide to get a sitter and head to Melting Pot for dinner.
 I really love it. Can you tell?

 I promise you that even though it's green and maybe doesn't look amazing, it was. It really really was. How LUCKY for us too that on St. Patrick's day, it was all you can eat chocolate fondue. Tyler and I weren't shy and tried a few different kinds, just because we could.
I am so lucky to have this guy in my life. I feel like he is the perfect fit for me. He is the best husband, father, friend, comedian, grill master, priesthood holder, popcorn maker, listener and everything else a girl could want in a man. Thanks for being the boy of my dreams Tmophat!!

I mentioned a few posts ago that a small group of us get together for a craft day once a month and this month was our turn to host.
Even though it was a few days after St. Patrick's Day, I stayed with the theme. I figured the kids wouldn't care and since my friends are pretty legit, they wouldn't care either. We made some St. Patrick's hats:

Ate some green cupcakes:

And because I'm a little lazy and wanted to keep things simple, I just used the same leprachaun gold hunt that I had made for Owen on St. Patrick's Day.

Is it sad that their treasure was kept in an old tuperware bowl instead of a black pot? I'm such a disappointment sometimes.

After the hunt was everyone's favorite part. The ladies talk:

While the kids do this:

Oh yeah, and thanks to my wonderful husband of five years, for working in the other room throughout this whole craft day. While the kids were playing loudly and the mothers were talking even more loudly, he was in his office making money so we could host another one of these in a few months.
Didn't I tell you he was perfect?


Thursday, March 15, 2012

From the mouth of Owen

Tyler: "Hey buddy, I have to go to Miami today for work."
Owen: "oh, you going to your ami?"
Tyler: "No, it's a place called Miami."
Owen: "Oh, yeah your ami."

Later that day in the car...

Owen: "Mom is Daddy home from work?"
Brittany: "No, he's still in Miami."
Owen: " No Mom, he isn't in your ami, he's in his ami."

I really love this kid. I think pretty much everything he says is hilarious.
He's been asking a lot about cyclopes (who knew that was the plural for cyclops?). Today he closed one eye and said "Mom, look I'm a one eyeclops".

Seriously. Love him.

Oh, and this little lady too.

Friday, March 9, 2012

We did some stuff in February

We did some stuff in February.
We spent a Saturday at a free carnival event. Free food, free facepainting, free fun for the kids, free prizes and more free food.

We spent some time at a parade...
Let's take a moment to look at this picture. Notice the red bag about to hit McKenzie in the head?

Well, it did hit her in the head, about twenty or more times. Then the lady would turn around and hit her in the head with her little black bag, also about twenty times. Sweet Kenzie is too nice to stand up and tell the lady off. Instead she smiled for the camera so I could blog about it.

Collette loved the parade. And why wouldn't she? There are really great things at parades in Florida...

Unexpected things, like pizza delivery guys:

and pimped out hummers towing pimped out air boats:

Random big trucks (the boys were in heaven):

Trucks that pick up recyclable goods:

Floats that have puppets:

Not only did they have puppets, they also had a basketball hoop on the back, with someone following behind shooting hoops:

also a lot of families just walking in the parade:

In Florida, instead of throwing out the standard candy, they throw pens. If any of you know Owen, you know that he was not disappointed by this. Owen LOVES to draw.

They also had an intermission, which was great because Owen needed a little break. We decided this was a sign that the parade was over... for us.

We spent some time at Birthday parties:

Kenz, this pic is just for your enjoyment:
We also spent some time on the boat so that I could try out my new ski (YAY!) and Owen, McKay and the dads could try out the tube:

Pretty successful trip on the water:

I don't think I mind living in Florida during winter months. Just sayin...