Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just things

We just got back from Utah. I want to post all about it but somehow I lost our camera while we were there. So instead of posting about going west, this is going to be complete randomness from pics that were on my phone. 
It's been raining a lot lately. This is how we enjoy the rain around our place. Except Tyler and I actually put on pants when we go out to play in it. 

When it's not raining, we do this.
Owen tubes, I ski, Tyler drives. It's the perfect set up. Owen loves it. Let me just say that even when he falls out, he calmly says "man overboard" and waits until an adult jumps out and gets him (this has happened to him twice now... oops). 

Last time we were out, we saw this guy. He's wearing a jet pack. Cool. 

I also found this picture. One day a couple of weeks ago, we passed this house in our neighborhood and Owen says "Mom, that house has a moustache." I laughed out loud and then agreed. 

Then I saw this pic. This actually is while we were in Utah. Tyler and I went on a date (Thanks Mom and Dad). You would think when you are leaving your children home with parents for a romantic night out you would go to a nice restaurant but instead, we opted to go to Lagoon. It was the best date ever. After all, it's what fun is. 

Then there was this one. This is Collette today. She is wearing pig tails and a tutu. I pretty much think there is nothing cuter than Collette in pigtails and a tutu. 
Except maybe this:
Playing together. I love them. 

Now, if anyone happens to see a gray camera lying around with pictures of our family on it, could you please send it our way? I'd really appreciate it. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


As I've mentioned once before, I got a new job. I started working two months ago for Delta throwing bags. It's fantastic. I get paid (hardly anything) to work out and I get free flights! And, for right now, I only work four hours a week. Totally worth it.
Since I've had the job for two months and we haven't gone anywhere, I told Tyler that we had to fly somewhere a few weeks ago just because we could. We decided that we'd fly to New York for the day on a Saturday. We wondered if flying there and back in one day was going to be too much for the kiddos but they did awesome!

We pretty much decided to make the trip about them, so when we got off the subway at Rockefeller center

we only stayed for a few minutes before we headed to the LEGO store:
Owen LOVES legos.

Next stop Time Square.
We stopped a few places along the way but most importantly, we visited the Disney Store. Can I just say that the Disney store in New York is way better than any Disney store we've ever been to in Orlando? Just sayin.
I mean look at this:
 This is Owen getting lessons on how to be the Hulk. He was a natural.

How happy was Owen about there were street performers that dress up in Elmo costumes and give hugs to little kids?

So happy.

It wouldn't be a trip to New York without a giant new york sausage from a street vendor (I know it really would be a trip to New York without it but it's something everyone should do at least once right?).
We enjoyed it thoroughly.

Next stop, Central Park.

We then headed to FAO Shwartz, because who doesn't want to do this?
I did... ever since I saw BIG like twenty years ago. And guess what, it was everything I ever dreamed of. All two minutes of it.

We also took some time to do some other things, like...
Meet Captain America (I know you can't tell that's what's happening here but that's the best shot Tyler got before an FAO Shwartz employee yelled at him for taking pictures... oops)
Play trains, because Owen can't pass one of these without stopping to play.
And took advantage of the reading corner.
Unfortunately, by the time we left FAO, it was time to head back to the airport.

Good bye New York City! Hope to see you again soon!