Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our life in Pictures

Hello there blog, long time no see... for reals though people, it's been a while right? Well we've been up to a bunch of stuff, you know with the holidays and all and it's much too overwhelming to have to try and post about all of it in seperate posts and come up with things to say about each one that  won't bore the three readers I have to death (thanks for still reading Ty and Jos... ok, maybe two readers). So, I'm going to do this the easy way and just post a million pictures for each month...
Ready? Go time.

We went camping! It's perfect weather for camping November-March so we wanted to take advantage! Camping makes me very happy.


My life as a baggage lady ended. I was sad.
Then was Thanksgiving. We started the day with our first annual 10K turkey trot and ended the day with a lot of food! That made me happy! Even though I didn't get one picture of the food.

We headed to Siesta Key for the weekend with friends. It was gorgeous and this made me very happy.

Then we realized that my flight benefits didn't end until mid Decemeber and decided to fly to Puerto Rico for the week.  Maybe I want to live there someday. Puerto Rico has real hiking AND the beach.  This made me very very happy. Dream come true.  


We did some Christmas stuff with friends. Including crafts, the mall activity, shopping, and we hosted a white elephant party where we had a visit from Santa.

And a Christmas boat parade that was amazing. Have I mentioned that I LOVE where we live? This makes me happy!  

Next was Utah for Christmas. This also made me super duper happy. How fun is Christmas when you have kids? I'll answer that  for you... it is so fun. These pics are from before, after and during Christmas. Family, snow, food, and all other things that make me very very happy.

Yummm, look at all of that Christmas candy. This = happy. 


 Traditional Cushing Christmas breakfast.

Except sometimes you feel bad when your child opens the main gift that Santa brought him and he starts crying because it wasn't the gift he wanted. This made me sad.

But the next gift he got was what he really wanted. This made me very happy.

Phew... there you have it all caught up, except January, which I'm sure I'll be right on top of.


JamesSorensen said...

These pictures all make me very very happy! So glad you posted them....FINALLY. I especially love the picture of collette with curlers in her hair. How did that turn out?

Chelsea said...

Hey! Im still a reader!!

Man, your life. I want it.
A couple things I loved about this post..
The Christmas boat light parade! Are you kidding me!? That looks like so so much fun. I also loved Collettes hair in curlers standing by your mom at the Christmas tree.
Seriously, never move home. Yeah Utah has hiking, but Utah does not have the beach, and Christmas boat parades.

Drew and Michele said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! I still read your blog!! Keep it up!

Kaesy said...

You're hot in a waterfall and a swimsuit.

Tyanna said...

oh my gosh!!! so happy you posted!! i know its been a week or so, but i have been checking ally's blog to see if you've updated and i must have missed it, so tonight i decided to just go to your actual blog and i'm so HAPPY i did. what fun times you guys have!! love all these pictures. they made me wish we lived in florida/ puerto rico real bad. so glad you guys are loving life!