Friday, September 27, 2013


Tyler and I came back from Florida all by our lonesome. We left our kids in the care of my saintly sister-in-law (Em, you are really really amazing) and brother and then my parents so that we could come back and run the Ragnar Relay with some of our friends. Besides losing my wallet on the flight back home (including $500 in cash), and crying for the first 24 hours because I left my kids in another state, across the country, it was AMAZING! The race was such a blast. It was Tyler's first ever race and he loved it which made me so excited. I don't ever want to do another race without this sexy man doing it with me. It was really such a fantastic weekend:

You may be wondering how we got our children back... my parents had booked a cruise that left out of Fort Lauderdale  that was leaving the Tuesday after we left our babies in Utah so my parents flew out with our kids (you guys are the best ever for flying with two babies!) and brought them home to us the Monday after the race. When they got back from their cruise, they came and stayed with us for the weekend, along with their best friends (also my second parents growing up). It was so much fun to have them here with us for a few days. They got in Friday morning so we picked them up, grabbed some lunch and took a walk down the Riverwalk. We also took the boat out and cruised the canals, ate yummy food and spent some time at one of our favorite local parks.

The next day it was time for them to get home. :( We hate to see parents leave us but are so grateful we got them here with us for a bit. 1

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